04-12-2020: Spacecast #2

For this edition we invited Jay, Twan, Eva and Karina. This is the completed program for Spacecast #2 (long read!):

We kick-off with an in-depth interview with Jay Minimal, a VJ & local techno Dj with love for many electronic genres! What got him to start spinning some records himself? It’s like Jay has become addicted. Where does his passion stem from?

Right after we continue interviewing Twan, let’s get to know this guy better! He’s 11 years younger than Jay but since short time the two have become almost inseperatable! What happened here?

Annebel & Simone will give you a little break here.

Then we continue with Eva Moreno who moved from Spain to Enschede not long ago! She’s been working at Spacebar for a while and we all loved her! She brings great vibes to any place and so we bet she met many people here in Enschede because of her extroverted and loving personality. She’s even got her hands on some DJ equipment now! Let’s investigate who she is and how she gets around here in Enschede!

At last we have Karina Rodak with some space aerobics that you can join from her chair. Karina is a personal trainer and also teaches yoga, pilates, aerobics and more. During the fun space aerobics she will also teach us about the importance of moving your body and the effects moving has on your mental health! Very important in Corona times!

We end the night with a 2 to 2.5hr long set from Jay Minimal & Twan van Proosdij! Cheers!

Tune in on www.spacecast.space or Spacebar’s Facebook or Instagram.

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