Most frequent questions and answers

We record all the Dj-sets and then upload them to the SPACEBAR Soundcloud. If you are looking for a specific set, you can also find it on our Stream Archive page. 

The stream will appear on our homepage every Friday at 20:00. 
You can also watch it on Facebook and Instagram

If you missed an edition of Spacecast or just want to rewatch it, you can do so on our Youtube or on the Stream Archive on this website. 

Simone Dekker (22) & Annebel Bunt (21). However, we immediately shared our concept with others, so now we have a small team of dedicated people! We love to collaborate with many people, so make sure to join out our open Whatsapp-group and throw in your ideas or feedback. Join here.

Yes! Stay involved by joining our open Whatsapp groupchat! If you want to be on the show or add something to our project, give Annebel a call at 06-37197298 or email to annebelbunt@gmail.com.
Let’s join forces, we love collaborations!

No. Due to our strickt Corona measures we keep the bar closed for visitors. The only people physically present are invited privately.

Right now we have a team of 5 people who are consistently involved. They think along about creative concepts we can add to our project! 

Caroline creates live visuals during the show. Marcel makes sure the stream runs properly. Gus helps around and thinks along in any way possible. Simone is your host. And Annebel runs the technique during the event. Together Simone and Annebel create a cool program every week!

In the middle of the SPACEBAR we put a big red button. (One that looks like it will destroy the world when pressed!). When the red button gets smashed the sound of the Dutch Airhorn will blast through the bar and interrupt the live-show!

It’s meant to be pressed at any time during the show by our visitors! The person who smashed it can then ask a question or say anything they want!

The red button also gets pressed when a person online asks a question or has a remark during the show.

Thanks to PLANETART we can use lots of technical equipment and the SPACEBAR as a location for our show.  

In the SPACEBAR we get to use the stage and DJ equipment. The bar itself is closed, which means no drinks are sold and there is no bar staff available. However, visitors are allowed to bring their own drinks and throw them in the public fridge.

People who are allowed to visit the bar during the events are friends or family of the interviewees or Dj’s. They have to reserve a spot and fill in the official Corona questionaire before entering the bar. After they’ve entered the door gets locked. They have a dedicated seat and must keep distance and wear their facemasks.