27-11-2020: Spacecast #1

This was the launch of SPACECAST!

♡ First we introduce the initiators of the project and SPACECAST. What does it bring to the people of Enschede and fans of SPACEBAR? Will it make us feel more connected and entertained now the bar, our local hang-out, is closed due to COVID?

♡ Bartender Jordan will intoduce a beer from our menu ad serve it to the interviewees, who will have to rate it afterwards.♡ Simone Dekker is our interviewer.

♡ We have an in depth interview with Felix (Brute666), a passionate hardcore dnb DJ who played many times in SPACEBAR. What’s his history? Where does his passion for dnb and mixing vinyl records come from?

♡ A short interview with Jordan who worked during the most busiest nights in the bar. Why did he decide to work at SPACEBAR in the first place?

♡ We show fun sketches such as SPACECAT ADVENTURES and perform a sketch: ‘Gus the President of the United States of Enschede’.♡ Caroline (CARO) brightens the vibe with LIVE SPACECAST visuals on the beamer screen.

♡ Stein Boon made a SPACEAST intro jingle!

♡ We close the night with a 2 hour vinyl hardcore dnb set from Brute666! This will also be streamed live!