aka Gus Ross / Trump

Gustav is a co-host of Spacecast. Best known for Gus & Puss (he is Gus!), he tries to bring comedy into recent news updates. Gustav is currently graduating CMGT (Creative Media and Game Technologies; used to be Game Design) at Planetart. He is a VR-developer and loves designing Counterstrike maps. Gus is also the designer of the Virtual Spacebar, which could be used to watch the stream from and interact with others! 

Gus is also the main man if it comes to the GUSBOX. Do you want to put something in the Gusbox? Drop it in the mailbox at Spacebar!

His favorite Spacecast-memory? The Pierre drawing challenge (Pierre is the name of our server).
His secret talent? Improvising. As you can see in his Trump impersonations or the weekly Gus&Puss-segment of the show!