11-12-2020: Spacecast #3

Spacecast’s innovative and surprising program will be longer & more indepth than usual this time!

🔥Video Artist Christos Constantinou will showcase & talk about his work and how he goes about making them!

🔥The face behind Technic Fabrique: Rob Schoorstra / Daniel Robson! Then Alessandro (Minimal house & Techno Dj). Together they end the show with a trippy 2.5 hr set!

🔥3D designer & worldbuilder, Gustav Eckrodt, about why he loves creating 3D-worlds & a showcase of his favorite works.

🔥More short breaks with fun & cool video’s inbetween the talks!

Join the live-show at www.spacecast.space / Spacebar’s instagram or Spacebar’s facebook page!

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